Is there anything else included with the brochure?

Yes! Once one of our team members qualifies you, we will provide you with additional marketing
services depending on your needs, at no cost to you.

What is the turn-around time for completion?

From beginning to end the delivery is normally 3 months, but if you need it quicker, we can streamline a faster delivery for you!

How many brochures per year do we get?

Normally you can expect enough brochures to last you a full year.

Does this project include photography, or do we need to supply our own photos?

We will work with your in-house photographer that is familiar with your unique venue to create the best possible images.

Since this is vendor sponsored how many vendors are needed?

Your brochure options determine the amount of vendors needed. We will help you plan all of this before your project begins.

What happens if we cannot come up with enough vendors?

Since this is a sponsor-based brochure, you must qualify to have this at no cost to you.

Do you contact other vendors if we don’t have enough on our own?

Not to worry! We will work with the venue to get a qualified vendor in the needed category.

What if the vendor does not partake in project and I still wish to use them?

Totally up to you, this is not a disqualification. You may choose to include any vendor you wish.

Can I get any size brochure?

The sizes and pages available for you to choose from depend on the amount of vendor participation for your project.

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